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Area Facilitator Program

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We are now accepting applications for Area Facilitators 2024(AF24) for our national competitions this year, the 4th MVMNC and the 5th PNVMO

For an accreditation fee of ₱1,000 Area Facilitators 2024 (AF24) will be entitled to

  1. 40% of the entry fees of their contestants in the 4th MVMNC and 5th PNVMO to cover any local expenses.
  2. Free enrollment in one of our "review courses" featuring some video recordings of our past webinars. The coverage of these "review courses" are listed below.
  3. 50% discount on other review courses.
  4. Automatically be eligible to be affiliates of MATH-inic Philippines and will be entitled to discounts and commissions for MATH-Inic Publishing book purchases (or sales). The are also entitled to the same privileges for courses offered by MATH-Inic Online.

Affiliates are

  1. Given individual pages where they can promote MATH-Inic Products.
  2. Given access to webinars about the contents of
    • 25 Math Short Cuts
    • Algebra Made Easy as Arithmetic
    • Inspirational Maths from India
  3. Entitled to 25% discount on printed and 30% on e-book purchases. If someone purchases books through an affiliate’s page, the discount will be given to the affiliate in the form of commissions.
  4. Charged a uniform shipping fee of P100 for every batch of printed 5 books.
  5. Allowed to offer discount vouchers to their readers but such discounts will be deductible from the affiliates’ commissions.

The SRP of our books are:

  1. 25 Math Short Cuts – ₱400
  2. Algebra Made Easy as Arithmetic – ₱400
  3. Inspirational Maths from India – ₱500
  4. 1, 2, 3 Magbilang tayo – ₱250

Other interested parties may apply as MATH-Inic affiliates even if they are not area facilitators. Registration links for affiliates will be posted later.

Meanwhile we have renamed our "Area Facilitators 2023" FB Group and Messenger group chats to “Area Facilitators” so that all facilitators and center coordinators of past and upcoming VM contests can be included.

The review courses, all priced at ₱3,000, are:

  1. VMTTC webinars: Video recordings of 9 weekly discussions of the 36 Lessons of the Vedic Mathematics Teacher Training Course held from July 30 to September 27, 2023.
  2. IVMO Q&A: Videos of the following webinars:
    • IVMO 2021 Primary
    • IVMO 2021 Juniors
    • IVMO 2021 Intermediate
    • IVMO 2021 Seniors
    • IVMO 2021 Open
    • IVMO 2022 Primary
    • IVMO 2022 Juniors
    • IVMO 2022 Intermediate
  3. VMO Topics: recordings of 10 sessions discussing almost all VM topics covered in national and international competitions.

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