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Schedule of Vedic Math events for 2024

MATH-Inic Philippines recently released the schedule of national and international Vedic Math events this year:

The 4th MVMNC and the 5th PNVMO are national online competitions organized by MATH-Inic Philippines to prepare for the IVMO 2024. The 4th MVMNC aims to train the competitors in the use of proper VM techniques to solve common Math problems while the 5th PNVMO concentrates in developing speed in performing calculations.

Entries in the Lilavati Mathematical Poetry Competition can be poems, riddles or puzzles about any topic or problem about Math. The contestants are grouped into age categories. Deadline for submission of entries will be in May 2024 and the results will be announced during the 10th Annual Online Conference.

The two-day Online conference usually features keynote speeches, presentations of VM initiatives worldwide and discussions of original research papers during the 1st day. In the second day, the results of the Lilavati competition are announced followed by seminar worshops for teachers and students.

More details about the international activities can be found on the IAVM website.

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